How did Swallowinc. Begin?

About Swallowinc.

This is where SWALLOWINC. all began. When my son and I were shopping for sneakers. My son wanted a colorful low cut shoe; however, he really needed a high top support shoe and that was when I put my mind to work.  

Real Trial Study Testimonials

Shirley Grimes GRIMESLAND, NC

  • Shirley Grimes: Trial Study Participant: I love the swallow brace. It feels good on my feet and provide good support to my foot and ankle. However, I have one complaint; the material is not holding up and tearing in certain areas. 

Jeron Randall WASHINGTON, NC

  • Jeron Randall: Trial Study participant:  Overall the support is just what I needed. It was a hassle having it laced up to my sneakers. When I would leave the gym and head back to work I had to switch shoes. I would love to be able to wear my Swallow to work but most days I wear loafers and there is no way for me to lace them to the loafer.  Outside of that, the Swallow gave me great support.  

Kenyatta Randall WASHINGTON, NC

  • Kenyatta Randall: Trial Study Participant: My plantar fasciitis was relieved immediately while wearing my Swallow. I am on my feet for at least 8hrs a day and this has been a great relief.  The only trouble I had was when it came to taking off my shoes. I tend to just kick my shoes off at the door but I was not able to since it is laced up to the sneaker, not to mention that I hardly ever wear the same shoes each day, but I know that the design is what makes it so comfortable on my feet. So if you are looking for comfort, Swallow is the way to go.  

Teresa Williams WASHINGTON, NC

  • Teresa Williams: Trial Study Participant: This is my daily lifeline. I am constantly on my feet. This brace helps to keep the swelling down in my ankle. The pain in my foot is next none.

Christopher Tuten DURHAM, NC

  • Christopher Tuten: Trial Study Participant: The pros about the brace is it fits firm, and tight as well as stabilized my ankle well.  Also, the brace turned my low walking shoe into high-top shoe for me. The only con for me was the strings didn't line up perfectly with my shoes, but not off enough to really matter much. 

Kimberly Grimes GRIMESLAND, NC

  • Kimberly Grimes: Trial Study Participant: This picture shows foot without the brace and shows my feet with brace. The brace feels good and the two side hooks on the side helps keep my arch up. I am completely flat footed. Problem: I am finding that the material is falling apart.                      

Monkey Survey Replys

6 Individuals agreed to try the Swallow Ankle and Shoe support Brace from 1 month to 4, the aprticipants all completed a month using the Swallowinc. Shoe Support and Ankle Brace. the results are attached below.

Data Log of Swallow Brace Usage

Swallowinc. Participants kept a Log for 1 Month of their weekly results from wearing the ankle and foot support brace. The Results are below.

Swallowinc Market Research Trial Study Log for 1 month (pdf)


Teresa Williams Lace Demonstration Video

Check out this great video of the Swallowinc Ankle Brace!

Teresa Williams Interview with Swallowinc.

Check out this great video

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